Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Got Mail

I was getting ready to head out for work yesterday when the door bell rang. Before I open the door I sneak in the window of bedroom upstairs to check who was ringing the door bell I saw a truck from DHL. I hurriedly open the door and there was the courier guy from DHL bringing my package from my sister Ethel from Davao. I was so excited to open the pouch thinking there might be a letter attached to it. I opened the pouch and not even a short note was on it :(. I already knew what was she sending before I got the pouch. It was all legal documents that I need to sign and my other sisters in the US has to sign too.

Anyways, I just have to phone her to let her know I got the mail. I have to send this documents to my sisters and they can send it back home to be notarized.

Not Feeling Good

I am not feeling good today. I think I have my PMS, I am having menstral cramps. I just want to relax don't feel like doing any household chores. I hope I get better soon for I still lots of chores to do.

Anyone has hemorroid problems? That is what I am having right now for the first time. I have been constipated for days now it is the reason my hemorroid is swollen. It feels very uncomfortable that I don't like to stand and sit for a long period of time. It is just nice to lay in bed. I hope the medication will be working soon.

I am glad that I am off from work today while I got all these aches. Hoping and praying to God these aches will leave me away.

Pimples Gone

Anyone having pimples? It has been awhile I didn't have any pimples on my face. I just notice I have one on my leftside of my forehead and another one on my left chin. They just both started to swell and they are painful too. I guess nobody wants to have pimples. I might be stress or it is part of my PMS.

My sister gave my Pro Active and I always use them everytime I get a pimple. Pro Active is really effective for me. Once I put the Pro Active repairing lotion the pimple doesn't even have the chance to grow.
Hope these pimples heal soon.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Belated Happy Valentines

Sorry for the delayed Valentine Greeting. Todd and I didn't spend much on buying Valentine gifts. We went for dinner and he gave me a card at 12 midnight. I felt bad for I was not able to buy one for him. For us everyday is a Valentine, gifts are nice but we have other priorities that needs to be done.

We still had a good celebration of the occassion. We are looking forward on saving for the house needs some repairs and upgrading. We need to replace the shingles of the roof and replace the carpets. It will be done one at a time for they can be expensive. It is best to save the money first rather than charging it.

Hope you have a great celebration of your Valentines.

Family Day with Friends

Today is the family day holiday here in Canada but it was not applicable to all workers. I invited my friends to come over for dinner. I prepared dinugguan, breaded shrimp, calamare, pancit palabok and grilled milkfish. I made some bucayo(sweetened young coconut strips) and my friend brought a blueberry cheesecake.

We had a sumptous dinner. I am happy that they all like the food that I cook. It is nice to eat Filipino dishes. I like to cook but I don't feel like eating after when I am alone. "Mas lami kung daghan ang mo kaon inig human ug luto. It was nice to be with company of friends around.

Friends thank you for coming. Sa uulitin.

Monday, February 2, 2009

System Error

When I arrived to work today I was surprise most of the representatives were just outside of the production floor. It was because we had some issues with our systems. Some were able to take calls and continue with the work and others were not. When I log in to my computer there I find out that my system was also down. I was just waiting for it to come back on. After 3 hours it did come back but not for everybody and I was one of them. I don't know what was the error. I felt so bored waiting and waiting for it to came back so that I can work. Around ten to six I ask my supervisor what will I do, they just said to wait. I feel bad for most of them were already busy taking calls and there I am just sitting pretty doing nothing. I approached her again around seven o'clock and she told me that I can either stay or go home it won't go against my attendance. I just decided to go home and enjoy my evening. It would have been nice to stay and get paid without doing anything but I am also bothered by my conscience. Anyway, the rest of us that the system didn't work were also sent home.

I got home early tonight, I will just make up my hours tomorrow. Hopefully everything will be back to business.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Toe & Finger Nail Painting

While I was still in the Philippines I love to go to the parlor to have my nails done. Since I got here in Canada never had tried to go a nail salon for I find it costly. Back home If my manicurist is not available I don't go to anybody for I always get swollen toe nails after cleaning. I did learn to do it on my own. Early tonight I busy painting my nails after I cleaned them. I just love the color I put on they are very dark. It is just too bad I can't wear sandals to show them off for it is too cold to wear sandals for now.
My finger nails are not that long but I still like it. I love my own, lol. "Lingaw lingaw lang ni nako gud pa wala sa ka la-ay." (just taking time to enjoy painting my nails to get out of boredom)